Dislyte Beginner Guide: Dos, Don'ts, Tips and Tricks

Ready to dive into the exhilarating world of Dislyte, but don't know where to start? Our meticulously crafted "Dislyte Beginner Guide" is just what you need. Designed with beginners in mind, this guide is your go-to resource for understanding and mastering this dynamic game. 

In this guide, we'll navigate you through the essentials of getting started, the critical Dos and Don'ts, and some secret tips and tricks that could make a world of difference in your gameplay. Every section is prepared to make your Dislyte journey smooth and enjoyable.


So, whether you're a novice in gaming or an experienced player venturing into a new realm, this Dislyte Beginner Guide is your perfect companion. Get ready, because an adventure of epic proportions awaits. And remember, every pro player started as a beginner. The journey to becoming a Dislyte pro begins right here, right now.

Basic Dislyte Tips

Heeding the Red Dots

During the nascent stages of your Dislyte experience, you'll notice red dots highlighting various menu options. These markers indicate new quests or potential rewards waiting for you.

Let these guided tasks mold your initial Dislyte journey as they provide generous rewards while simultaneously unraveling the intricacies of the game.


However, it's crucial not to become reliant on these pointers. Some rewards or opportunities will not be earmarked by these red indicators.

For instance, to uncover certain options, you may need to visit your espers list and click on the 'Advancement' tab. Make it a habit to explore these areas frequently.

Strategies for Relic Enhancement

Unless explicitly suggested by a tutorial, abstain from upgrading 2* and 3* relics. You'll soon find yourself possessing 4* relics, most probably before reaching level 20, followed by 5* relics around level 35.


A regular 2* relic can typically be traded for 500, while an improved +1 variant brings in 518 but requires 270 for enhancement. The profit gained from enhancing these relics is usually marginal.

However, 2-set relics might be scarce in the initial game stages, thus making their enhancement more worthwhile. It's paramount to focus on improving these superior-tier relics as they can substantially augment your statistics.

Combining relics of the same kind for additional bonuses can also be a wise move.

Time-Bound Inventory Items

Be cautious, as some rewards are time-sensitive. If they aren't used within the designated timeframe, they will disappear from your inventory. Be on the lookout for items displaying a small clock symbol in your inventory.

Tapping on these items will disclose their expiry date, enabling you to utilize them effectively throughout your Dislyte journey.

Strategies for Ideal Squad Setup

Attaining Squad Equilibrium

Establishing a balanced team is the linchpin of any victorious Dislyte campaign. This Dislyte beginner guide urges you to consider at least two supportive espers - healers and buffers alike, to support your DPS espers.

Strive for a mix of area effect and individual target attacks, and if feasible, include a multifaceted esper for additional firepower.

Importantly, target espers exhibit significant initial power. Your team should predominantly consist of 3* fighters, each with the potential to achieve a 6* ranking.

Acquiring powerful espers early on, such as Mona, a potent 4* DPS, and a guaranteed 6* legend from your initial ten esper picks like Dislyte Hera, can lay a solid foundation for your team.

Value of Velocity

The order of esper attack in Dislyte is determined by speed rankings. Evaluate their abilities to identify potential synergies. For example, Brynn provides an 'ATK Up' boost to the entire team. Having her act first enhances the potency of your team's opening attacks.

Meanwhile, finishing attacks could benefit from an esper acting after your area effect espers have weakened the enemies. Relics can be deployed to tweak individual heroes' speeds. Therefore, relics that improve speed are deserving of your consideration.

Advantage of Captaincy

You might have observed the 'captain' tag on the far-left squad space. Certain espers, including Li Ling and Mona, boast a 'captain ability'.

This trait, found under the 'abilities' tab on the 'espers' page, grants team-wide benefits when an esper with this capability is assigned to the captain position. It notably boosts attack power, crit rates, or resistance by 20-30 percent.

Nonetheless, be mindful as some abilities only apply to particular types of battles. For example, Bardon's DEF boost is exclusively effective in Point War battles.

Adapting Your Squad to Changing Battle Scenarios

Once you've meticulously assembled your team and embarked on missions, you might contemplate undertaking a trial in Dislyte. Before diving in, re-evaluate your team.

The game doesn't recall your most recently used squad but the one deployed in a specific game segment. If you've overlooked a particular section for a while, or have never attempted it, your team might consist of underpowered or insufficiently upgraded espers or a haphazard mix.

Mastering Dislyte Mobile Battles

Scrutinize the Wave Count

As every skirmish unfolds, make a point to keep an eye on the 'waves' of incoming enemies, denoted at the top of your screen at the start of combat. Your more potent abilities are tied to cooldown timers and should be deployed judiciously depending on the wave count.

For example, in a duel split into two waves, conserving your forceful attacks may be the best strategy. Conversely, in a tripartite conflict, you'll likely regain the ability to unleash these formidable skills by the third wave.

Also, it's worth noting that trials such as Ritual and Sonic Miracles usually conclude with a lone opponent, making it unnecessary to hold back your area effect skills.

Strategy Behind Your Attacks

In the early stages of the conflict, if you find yourself facing a handful of weakened adversaries after unleashing your high-impact abilities, it may be beneficial to use less potent attacks or buffs.

This move extends the duration of the combat phase, providing your powerful skills, heals, and buffs additional time to recharge and get ready for the next onslaught.

Leverage Multi-Battles

There will be instances when you'll need to step away from the game – perhaps you're about to start your workday or head to bed – during these periods, avoid letting your excess energy stagnate.

Keep in mind that you have the option to set multi-battles to run autonomously while you focus on other game elements.

By doing so, you'll continue to accumulate rewards, effectively utilizing the energy that would otherwise be left idle. Upon your return to Dislyte Mobile, you'll find your energy has been replenished. Incorporate these Dislyte beginner strategies into your gameplay to maintain a competitive edge.

Pro Tips and Tricks for Dislyte

Advanced Strategies for Winning Battles

  • Winning in Dislyte isn't just about power or level, but strategic planning. Maintain a balanced team with characters that complement each other.
  • Understanding the mechanics of your opponents is key. Use this knowledge to your advantage during battles.

Efficient Grinding Methods for Quick Leveling

  • Leveling up efficiently in Dislyte involves strategic grinding.
  • Look for areas or quests offering maximum XP, and aim to complete them repeatedly.
  • Remember, balance is crucial. Over-leveling one character while neglecting others may lead to difficulties.

Proven Strategies for Earning and Saving In-Game Currency

  • Make the most of daily quests and events to earn generous rewards.
  • Keep an eye out for freebies, promotional codes, and special events that can boost your in-game wealth.
  • Save your currency for high-value items or character upgrades, which can significantly impact your gameplay.

Secret Locations and Easter Eggs

  • Dislyte is full of secret locations and easter eggs. Exploring off the beaten path can lead to surprising discoveries.
  • Hidden gems can offer additional XP, rare items, or unique narratives. Make exploration a priority as you traverse the in-game world.

The Dos of Dislyte

  • Starting Tips for Beginners: As a new player embarking on the journey through Dislyte, you may feel overwhelmed. However, familiarize yourself with the game's mechanics. Understand how to navigate through the menu, interact with in-game elements, and utilize various tools at your disposal.
  • Exploring the Game Features: Take some time to explore the game features. The more comfortable you are with these functions, the more seamless your progression will be.
  • Essential Strategies for Game Progression: Character selection is a crucial aspect of Dislyte. Choose your characters wisely, as their abilities can significantly influence your gameplay. As you progress, take advantage of the upgrade options to enhance your characters' abilities.
  • Tips for Character Selection and Upgrades: Invest in character upgrades strategically. It's a long-term investment that can yield significant benefits in the gameplay.
  • Strategies for Resource Management: Efficient utilization of in-game currency, items, and character abilities can make a significant difference in your gaming experience. Prudent management of resources is critical in any strategy-based game like Dislyte.
  • Effective Communication and Collaboration in Multiplayer Mode: In multiplayer mode, effective communication is key. Collaborate with your team members, strategize your moves, and ensure everyone is on the same page. This not only enhances team performance but also makes the gaming experience more enjoyable.
  • Importance of Participating in Events: Participate actively in events. They offer unique rewards and opportunities for swift progression. These events are not just fun; they're also a chance to test your strategies and improve your gameplay.

By adhering to these Dos, you can set a strong foundation for your Dislyte gaming journey. Remember, your decisions significantly impact your game, so strategize wisely and enjoy the process.

The Don'ts of Dislyte

Embarking on your Dislyte journey entails understanding not only the dos but also the don'ts. Missteps can cost valuable resources and time. Here's what to avoid:

  1. Rushing Through the Initial Stages
  • Beginners often rush through the game's initial stages.
  • Dislyte rewards patience and strategic planning, so take time to understand the game mechanics.
  1. Missteps in Resource Management
  • Resource management is crucial in Dislyte.
  • Avoid expending resources too quickly on unnecessary upgrades or items.
  1. Pitfalls in Team Composition and Strategy
  • Success in Dislyte heavily relies on a balanced team.
  • Avoid focusing too much on one character; instead, ensure each team member complements the others.
  1. Avoiding Negative Player Interactions
  • Be aware of negative interactions in multiplayer mode.
  • Foster a respectful and cooperative environment, and report any toxic behavior.

Understanding the "don'ts" of Dislyte is as essential as the "dos". By avoiding these pitfalls, you're setting yourself up for a successful gaming experience.

Enhancing Your Dislyte Gameplay: The Ins and Outs

The Advantage of Esper Promotion

Endorsing the upgrade of Espers is advantageous, as it boosts their ★ rating, thereby augmenting their level cap.

This improvement reflects on their base attributes, such as HP, ATK, and DEF, enhancing the team's overall strength. Hence, it's a good strategy to promote your Espers for optimal potency!

The Path to Esper Promotion

The essence of Espers' promotion rests on deploying equivalent ★ rank Espers as feed. For instance, promoting a 2★ Esper mandates two 2★ feed Espers, a 5★ Esper demands five 5★ feed Espers, and so forth.

This progression is triggered only when an Esper has reached its current peak level. With the ultimate promotion level standing at 6★, the highest achievable level is 60.

The Optimal Feed/Fodder Choices

Your feed/fodder options primarily consist of two types. Starimon is a common selection as they exclusively serve as feed/fodder. On the other hand, if available, Uncommon 2★ Espers can also be employed.

The chosen feed/fodder should be leveled up (ideally through combat or using Experiments). Once they reach the top level, they can be promoted to serve as feed/fodder for superior ★ level Espers.

The Key to Efficient Esper Leveling

Exploiting the maximum EXP from a stage can be accomplished via the Practice Stages (#-UP) in Story mode. While these stages offer limited rewards, they deliver valuable Experiments to enhance the EXP earned.

It's profitable to have at least one top-level Esper (or two for the tougher Purgatory difficulty stages) who can single-handedly clear the highest UP Stage, thus enabling multiple units to level simultaneously.

Should You Resonate Espers?

After the 2.1.1 patch, the Resonating Espers process is now independent of Star Promotion. Presently, Resonating an Esper grants a complimentary Starimon of an equivalent rank, allowing the promotion of another Esper.

Resonance points, which can be invested to augment HP, ATK, or DEF by 1% per point, are earned by forfeiting duplicate Espers. If you're unsure of Resonance Points distribution, consult the Popularity option to observe other players' point allocations for the same Esper!

The Importance of Ascension

Ascension is a vital step towards empowering your Espers. It provides stat bonuses and, at Ascension Level 3, augments their kit. This could comprise a passive boost or an additional ability effect!

In many comparisons and Tier Lists, Ascension is a significant parameter in assessing an Esper's utility. It's recommended to Ascend your most-used Espers to at least level 3, with substantial stat boosts attainable beyond this level.

The Ascension components, termed Elemental Waves, can be procured from their respective bosses in the Sonic Miracle.

Common Questions for Dislyte Beginners

How to Score Free Item Codes?

Indeed, it's possible! Proceed to our Dislyte Codes page to discover the latest active codes, along with guidelines on their utilization.

Locating My Pre-Registration Rewards. Where Can I Find Them?

You'll locate your pre-registration awards in the "Events" tab, specifically under the Union Parade segment.

This event rewards you with a pair of Gold Records daily for a five-day period, aggregating a grand total of 10 Gold Records! To spot this event in your Events Tab, attaining Account Level 5 is necessary.

When Do I Unlock Certain Features?

For simplification, I won't enumerate the rewards for each chapter completion; these can be easily observed by tapping on the Rewards button within the corresponding story chapter.

What Bounty Missions Should I Engage in?

In the absence of visible Epic/Legendary quests, make use of the free Refresh. Refreshing the list a maximum of five times daily is acceptable.

Here are some pointers for your reference:

  • Legendary – Score 200 Gems
  • Legendary – Obtain 1 Gold Record
  • Legendary – Enhance 4-Star Skill (this may vary based on your units)
  • Epic – Amass 120,000 Gold (equivalent to 120 gems when gold records are procured from the Shop)
  • Epic – Secure 100 Gems
  • Procure 4-Star Divina
  • Rare – Earn 60,000 Gold (equates to 50 gems when gold records are purchased from the Shop)
  • Rare – Accumulate 50 Gems
  • Epic – Get 3-Star Abilimon
  • Obtain 90 Energy
  • Common – Gather 30 Gems
  • Common – Earn 30,000 Gold
  • Common – Obtain 5 Silver Records (prioritize this if fodder is needed)
  • Accumulate 50 Energy

Wrapping Up Your Journey to Dislyte Mastery

As we wrap up our comprehensive Dislyte Beginner Guide, we hope that you now feel more prepared and confident to embark on your gaming journey. This guide is designed to provide all the essential dos and don'ts, tips, and tricks to set you on the path to success.

With careful attention to the strategies discussed, Dislyte can be a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience. Remember, every expert was once a beginner, and with continuous learning and practice, you too can master this exciting game. The game is always evolving, so stay curious and keep exploring.

Lastly, we want to emphasize the importance of being an active member of the Dislyte community. There's a wealth of knowledge to be gained from fellow players. Don't hesitate to share your experiences and learn from others. Happy gaming and remember, the key to Dislyte is strategy, patience, and most importantly, having fun!